We all like to keep an eye on life on the Camino throughout the year. We usually do this by reading blogs or books, watching video or film, or viewing photos posted online. Below are five videos that will never fail to take you back to the Camino. They certainly take me back.

Recorded in 2017, this video tells the tale of the Camino de Santiago. The author notes: “This year, for my school project, I decided to record and present one of my most memorable vacations. Walking a very small part of the stunning 850 km Camino de Santiago, meeting pilgrims and visiting Santiago de Compostela – was a winner for me. This is my story. I hope you like it. Thank you.”

“We are the Camino” by James Carey.

Sights and Sounds along the Camino Ingles to Santiago.

The Portico de la Gloria in the Cathedral of Santiago has recovered its splendor after 50,000 hours of work by the restoration teams. The restoration tasks come to an end after nearly ten years hidden by scaffolding that has facilitated work carried out by national and international experts. The archbishop of Santiago de Compostela, Julián Barrio, and the president of the Barrié Foundation, José María Arias Mosquera, who has allocated €6.2 million to pay for the restoration, gave the news on the 28th of June.

Beautifully shot film from Irish pilgrim, Tom Quinlan following his Camino in May 2017.

If you have found a video clip related to the Camino that has inspired you, we would love you to share. Please email us at Shamrocksandshellseditor@gmail.com with the link to the video and we hope to post it in a later issue.