Egeria House in Santiago de Compostela has been the home of Sybille Yates for nearly two years. Having walked her first pilgrim path to Santiago de Compostela in winter of 1999/2000, Sybille has felt a calling and since then she has served as hospitalera along the Camino Francés in more than 20 albergues and has become an author. Sybille now sees herself as a ‘stationary pilgrim’ welcoming and supporting pilgrims in Santiago.

Egeria House is a few minutes’ walk from the Cathedral on the way to Finisterre at Travesía do Carme de Abaixo, 4 (map below).

Egeria House is providing the following services:

  • Anglican-led Camino Chaplaincy church services (in 2018 Sunday mornings in the Parador Hotel and Wednesday afternoons at Egeria House, followed by a shared meal. Time schedule and locations for 2019 tba, but they will be surely more extensively). All these events are under the spiritual direction, and part of the ministry of the Diocese in Europe/Church of England, but open to everyone!
  • Open House each weekday afternoons, for coffee/tea and chat.
  • Hospital and albergue visits to ill pilgrims, and ad hoc meetings with pilgrims on request. Sybille also has two spare bedrooms which she makes available, particularly for pilgrims in need, on a donativo basis. It’s always best to let Sybille know in advance to check availability if you want to stay with her. SMS is preferred and contact details can be found here
  • Being present around town, and on the last kilometres of many Caminos to meet pilgrims, encourage them, welcome them and listen to them. 
  • Working closely together with ecumenical partners in Santiago.
  • Providing practical help (food, equipment etc) to pilgrims that either came directly to us or were referred to us by our ecumenical partners.

2018 was a fruitful year at Egeria House, and with the 2019 season approaching, the Camino Chaplaincy would like to help pilgrims from April/May through to October/November and not only in Santiago itself but also by sending “self-supporting” Camino Chaplains out to walk with the pilgrims on the different Caminos.

If you are a priest of a church in full Communion with the Church of England and would like to volunteer for this ministry or if you simply would like to know more about it, please contact Sybille at

If you would like to support Egeria House, please spread the word. You can find more information about the work of the Camino Chaplaincy through the following links:

Why not consider donating to Egeria House? All chaplaincy volunteers pay their own travel cost and this year some of them even paid for their own accommodation and food. If you want to help with the costs of next year’s Chaplaincy, you can donate here or you can contact Sybille directly for other options.