In January 2018, we published a piece with some useful information so your Camino can be a safe one.

Since then, we have been advised of two services, provided by the Spanish authorities, that can be helpful to pilgrims, especially if you are travelling alone.


This app has been designed by the Interior Ministry (Ministerio del Interior).

What is AlertCops?
AlertCops is a citizen security alert system of the State Law Enforcement Authorities (FFCCSE in Spanish)
The goal is to create a universal access to every public citizen security service, so any person, regardless their language, origin or auditory or vocal disability, can send to the State Law Enforcement Authorities (Police and Civil Guard) an alert about a crime or security incident whether they are victims or witnesses of such.

Once the registration process is completed and the access validated by a code that will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone number provided, the application will show a home screen with the following options, which may be selected by clicking the corresponding icon:

This service allows a citizen to send an alert from a mobile device ‘smartphone’ straight to the police bodies in a simple an intuitive manner, so they can be assisted quickly and efficiently.

AlertCops’ benefits are:

  • To offer a new communication channel between citizens and the FFCCSE, in addition to the already existing
  • To provide foreigners, visiting or living in our country, with a channel in their own language to access to the security emergency services
  • To improve the citizen response times and the information process
  • To speed up the information and response demand protocol, obtaining the support seeker’s information from the very beginning, such as: location, type of incident or any other relevant information
  • To guarantee the accessibility to these services to people with communication disabilities.

Download: Android / iPhone
Source: Interior Ministry website

Dirección General de Tráfico & Comobity

La DGT is the government department that is responsible for the Spanish road transport network.

One of it’s aims is to reduce casualties on the road and it does it through information and more recently, through a phone application. The below advice was issued by the DGT and is extremely helpful.

Advice for pilgrims from DGT (English)

Comobity is an application DGT created to improve mobility and protect cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers on the road and in the city. All the dangers that you can find in your journey in urban and interurban roads are integrated into Comobity.

It warns of the presence of cyclists, pedestrians and drivers who have had to stop their vehicle because they have had a problem. In addition, it warns you about events provided directly by the DGT, such as weather alerts, road works or other incidents.

In addition, it is compatible with other applications. You can use it in the background, since it has voice notifications that help you be more alert when necessary. Thanks to the participation of people aware of road safety,

Comobity is able to:

  • Protect people who indicate that they have had an incidence by making them visible to other users.
  • Detect groups of cyclists and pedestrians on the road, to alert their existence to those who will meet them.
  • Alert of weather problems, retentions, works and other information of interest for your safety.

Download on Google Play