It has been a fantastic year for the cast and team behind the THE CAMINO VOYAGE. Screenings are ongoing, TG4 has recently broadcast the film on Easter Monday, April 22nd. and on June 7th, it will make its Spanish and Galician premiere in Vigo to an international audience.

And there is further exciting news on the horizon.

We spoke to the film’s director, Dónal Ó Céilleachair, prior to the Spanish premiere in Vigo to ask him about the film’s reception and what is next for THE CAMINO VOYAGE.

Shamrocks and Shells: THE CAMINO VOYAGE has been sailing the seas with screenings internationally as well as in Ireland. What can you tell us about the reception so far? 

Dónal Ó Céilleachair: THE CAMINO VOYAGE has now been screening in Cinemas and venues across Ireland since last November. I just returned from a screening in Kilkenny on Wednesday night so it has been wonderful to see the reception it has received. It seems to have sparked people’s imagination in ways that we could never have foreseen. The film has now shown in festivals all the way from Moscow to Hawaii at this stage so it has had a wonderful reception internationally also.  

Shamrocks and Shells: There are a number of moments in the film that have moved me. One is the scene where Glen Hansard sings “Leave a light” in Muñalén. Have you a favourite moment to look back on?

Dónal Ó Céilleachair: The arrival in Santiago has to have been one of the most powerful moments in my entire life – seeing everyone gravitate towards the boat – the looks of surprise and admiration and then inspiration that it brought to everyone who shared in this final stage of its journey still brings out quivers in me. 

Shamrocks and Shells: The Spanish and Galician premiere of THE CAMINO VOYAGE is due to take place on the 7th of June in Vigo.  The premiere runs alongside the opening of The Camino By Sea / O Camino Por Mar exhibition. Could you talk about what to expect at the premiere?

Dónal Ó Céilleachair: Finally we are returning to Galicia on Friday, next June 7th for the upcoming Galician/Spanish Premiere of THE CAMINO VOYAGE. The premiere will also coincide with the opening of the Exhibition ‘THE CAMINO BY SEA’ which will see commencement of the rehabilitation work on the Naomh Gobnait Naomhóg which is the boat from THE CAMINO VOYAGE.

It will also coincide with Danny’s Anniversary on the 9th.

Danny Sheehy

The boat (including the rehabilitation work being undertaken by Liam Holden, Pádraig Ó Duinnín & Brendan Moriarty with local crews) will be on exhibition at the Galician Museum of the Sea (Museo Do Mar de Galicia) until October 31st. Danny’s family and most of the crew will be in attendance – It is sure to be an emotional occasion for all of us.

Further information at: 

Shamrocks and Shells: And we understand that THE CAMINO VOYAGE will shortly be available on demand. Could you share with us how people can avail of this?

Dónal Ó Céilleachair: We are excited to share the news that THE CAMINO VOYAGE will be released in cinemas internationally in the US, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand through DEMAND FILM.

DEMAND FILM is a new form of distribution that brings films to Select Cinemas based on local demand.

One can register to request a screening in one’s area via the DEMAND FILM website here:

The film will eventually be available for streaming via VOD and on DVD hopefully by October.

Shamrocks and Shells: Thank you very much Dónal. I’m sure our readers will find this news exciting.