Fundación Jacobea aims of promote and protect the pilgrimage routes, in particular of the Ways of Santiago, by generating projects and activities that contribute to the improvement of its social and cultural environment. Based in Santiago de Compostela, it was created with the intention of defending and promoting the values ​​and philosophy inherent in pilgrimages throughout history, but one which is also firmly linked to the reality.

Its website ( provides helpful information for pilgrims from preparing for your Camino right through to where to visit in Santiago de Compostela. There is a detailed digital magazine that you can sign up for and receive news on a regular basis.

However, Fundación Jacobea has spent quite a while talking to pilgrims about their own experiences. This link brings you to an index of all countries, and we are encouraged to participate. All these stories were collected and presented in an an audiovisual and book – “The memory of the pilgrims” at the end of November.

A number of pilgrims from Ireland have spoken of their experiences. Firstly, Oihana is a member of Camino Society Ireland and has volunteered in the pilgrim office in Santiago. Secondly, Bryan and Mary learned about the Camino de Santiago through the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland in 1990