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Breton Association of Friends of Santiago de Compostela – 2019 Conference – 16th/17th March 2019

From Compostelle Loire-Atlantique:

The Association Bretonne des Amis de St Jacques de Compostelle held their 2019 General Assembly yesterday. Organized in the town of Fouesnant, it was a huge success, with 350 people in attendance.

A delegation from Camino Society Ireland were present at the conference. An important partnership is now active between our Celtic lands.
The Loire-Atlantic delegation officially handed over to Turlough O Donnell, Chairperson of Camino Society Ireland, a nail identical to those laid in their cities crossed by the Camino. This one will soon be implanted on the square of the church of Saint James of Dublin, starting point of Irish Pilgrims! We look forward to this day!
On St. Patrick’s day, they went to discover Point-Croix, starting point of the path but also a beautiful city full of heritage and charm.
Thank you to Tony Grouard, and the Loire-Atlantic delegation for your kind words and photographs.

Global Greening at St Patrick’s Day – 17th March 2019

Image – Tourism Ireland

The Tower of Hercules in A Coruña illuminated in green as part of Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening initiative. The annual initiative sees hundreds of major landmarks around the world turn green for St Patrick’s Day. writes –

Many legends from the Middle Ages to the 19th century surround the Tower of Hercules, which is unique as it is the only lighthouse of Greco-Roman antiquity to have retained a measure of structural integrity and functional continuity. One of them comes from the Leabhar Ghabhála Érenn, the “Book of Invasions”, a compilation of oral stories from eleventh century Ireland. Breogan, mythical Celtic king of Galicia and founder of Brigantium (a kingdom supposedly based on A Coruña), built the town a tower —the Tower of Breogan. The tower was so high that from the top, one of his sons, Ith, could see the top of a green shore: Ireland. That link between World Heritage listed Spanish lighthouse and Ireland is the reason why the monument will be lit up in green on Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), and why A Coruña is taking part in Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening campaign.

According to the legend, the Tower of Breogan is based off the Tower of Hercules. The sons of the Celtic king decided to go on an adventure in order to see what was on such a green land. Breogan lighted a bonfire at the top of the tower, so his sons could find their way back home, but unfortunately Ith was murdered in Ireland. Ith´s nephew Mil Espaine (Irish form of the Latin Miles Hispaniae, which means “Soldier of Hispania”) decided to leave Brigantium to conquer Ireland. His descendants are supossed to be the ancestors of the Gaels, the Irish of today.

Camino Society Ireland Information Event – St James’s Parish Hall, Dublin – 2nd March 2019

Following on from successful information talks in Cork, Belfast, and Nenagh, the Society held its annual information event on the 2nd of March in St. James Parish Hall. A large attendance turned out from all over the Dublin region, looking to gain information about the Camino de Santiago. Some had walked before and were interested in learning about other routes, whilst others were planning on taking their very first steps towards Santiago de Compostela.

The day started with a short presentation on the history of the Camino, on how to plan your Camino, and on the significance of the Pilgrim Passport and Compostela. Information was also provided on the Celtic Camino, our Pilgrim paths and the Books of Pilgrims. There was also information provided on how to join the society once you complete your Camino.

Following the presentation, which was well received, a number of stands were manned by Society volunteers – veterans of each route, so people could visit a particular table should they have a question. And there were many questions. A number of volunteers brought full backpacks, so this was particularly helpful to those in the planning stage to see what type of clothing is needed.

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