Pilgrims can give back to the Camino de Santiago in a variety of ways. John Roy has walked the Camino Frances and Camino Portugues and volunteers with the Canadian Company of Pilgrims. He also produces engaging video clips on YouTube that provide other pilgrims with advice and inspiration. We reached out to him when we learned of his YouTube channel and of his many inspirational videos.

John Roy

I started my YouTube channel (youtube.com/johnroyYHZ) 12 years and I’ve largely just posted whatever random footage grabbed my attention…until I went on my 2nd Camino (French route) in 2010. It was an adventure unlike anything I had experienced, and I felt I needed to use the very little videography skills I had at the time to help others prepare better for their Camino than I had. In February of 2017, I started a series of Camino videos to provide information, tips & tricks, and inspiration to others interested in the Camino de Santiago, but also to help keep me on track for my own Camino Portuguese preparation in July 2018. My video skills have been growing over time so I’ve got some exciting video ideas for my next Camino Frances in 2020, but I’m always happy to have suggestions for future video topics!

So have you any pieces of advice for any potential pilgrim who has decided to walk the Camino de Santiago this year?

5. Make friends with everyone (other pilgrims, hospitaleros, any languages).

4. Listen to your body (handle blisters, get a massage or take a rest day).

3. Use a well-adjusted backpack (more weight on waist than back/shoulders).

2. Use well worn-in hiking shoes/boots (don’t try to wear-in on the Camino).

1. Get into the spirit of the Camino (live in the moment, share everything, don’t worry be happy & keep on walking).


You can watch more of John’s videos by clicking on the following link. It includes clips from his latest Portuguese Camino. We will be keeping in touch with John in the future.