Thank you to Michael Carew from Thurles, Co. Tipperary for his submission to Shamrocks and Shells. Michael returned from his 2nd experience on the Camino Francés in October 2018. He was inspired to write a few words about his time on the Camino. The photograph was taken by fellow pilgrim Marjorie Zoe Negrón from Puerto Rico. Thank you and Buen Camino, Michael.


It’s not a jaunt in the park, there is pain. Shoulders, hands, back, legs and feet can ache like hell……but there is peace!  There’s nothing like the peace, when walking long stretches, all on your own and just savoring the moment, then you’ll ask “what pain?”.

It’s amazing.

You will meet lots of people, of all ages, but you’ll usually only know them by their first names and the country of origin, you’ll rarely know what they do, or who they are, nor know how much money they make, which is great. 

You can always make friends on the Camino, or not. It’s entirely up to you.

When you come to the end of the day’s walk on the Camino, it can feel like there are golf balls inside your calves.

But once you’re back on the trail, that will be yesterday’s news, you just keep going. 
It’s amazing how you put the kilometres behind you.
It’s so much more than just a long walk, no one can describe what that is. You just have to go and experience it.

I’ve come to realise the most important thing is not getting to Santiago de Compostela. It is the moment, not what happened yesterday (that’s over and done with), it is not tomorrow (tomorrow may never come), it is “NOW” the present moment, especially on the Camino.

The whole point is the journey, and what a journey.