A pilgrim’s journey to Santiago de Compostela often starts with a call long before they set out on the ancient holy road. At its heart, It’s About Time is the story of a pilgrim who heard that call and what happened when he answered it. Perhaps you’ll hear it too.

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This is the story of how Johnnie Walker, guide writer for many years, was called to Santiago de Compostela.  Since he first answered that call, he has walked to Santiago many times, written many guide books and met many pilgrims with a variety of reasons for making the journey. Here he shares their stories, along with his own, and gives practical advice and encouragement.

It is a book for all the ages; for those taking their first steps to the pilgrim who has walked many roads. This book will not fail to inspire. Are you ready to answer the call?

The book has a foreword by Joyce Rupp, author of “Walk in a Relaxed Manner” and conclusion by Martin Sheen, Tom Avery in “The Way”.