Shortly I shall retire from the Chair of Camino Society Ireland clg.   I want to thank all the people of the Meitheal, wherever they are, who have cleared the path for others.

To walk the Road, as free as it is possible to be, and to meet the most wonderful people on it, and along it, is one of the great experiences of life and it is why so many of us choose to give back.

By giving back we stay on the Camino.

The ancient link between Ireland and Spain, which is really nothing short of a love affair, continues and finds new expression in the Celtic Camino. Great work has been done to re-make that ancient connection between Ireland, A Coruna, and Santiago. I want to acknowledge that work before making a plea for immediate improvements.

The way out of A Coruna, at a certain point, because it is badly signed, is confusing and very unpleasant.    But I do want to acknowledge the great help of John Rafferty in making things much clearer for the Pilgrim (see our website on this) and indeed for all his help to our Society and the Camino in general.

And then along the way from A Coruna to Santiago, the Pilgrim is at times brought into close proximity with traffic – some of it fast moving traffic.   At other times the Pilgrim is required to make road crossings and more could be done to improve those road crossings.

The various authorities with responsibility for the Camino Ingles do much to improve things and could do much more to improve things.   But who are they and how do you contact them?

All along the Road from the very start in A Coruna to Santiago you will find the most gracious, most hospitable, most warm-hearted people, in the bars, cafés, places to stay, and in almost every encounter.  

All of these people and all with authority over the Road, all wish for the same thing I am sure: that this will be one of the great Caminos. Let’s all work to make it so.

Sisters and Brothers, it has been a great privilege to be Chair of our Society.

And what a joy to meet all of you – the people of the Camino!   

Turlough O’Donnell